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Bob’s SEO is the top Las Vegas SEO company in Nevada. Having been in the field for more than 20 years, our main goals have been digital literacy and success.

Having in mind that we are witnesses of huge digital revolution and the impact of this change can be seen in all fields, we encourage young people to be creative, innovative and ready for future challenges through our scholarship, established many years ago.

What are the requirements?

Students that are currently enrolled in any college or school all over the world are eligible to apply for the scholarship. It is mandatory to enclose a proof of enrollment at the current study year together with a short biography. Make sure to include the following in your biography:

  • Personal info
  • Current academic pretensions and enrollments
  • Hobbies and activates
  • Projects and initiatives (if such)

What is the topic of the winning essay?

Every year we pick topics that are current and drive attention towards the digital world. This year we decided to emphasize the topic of Digital nomads – people who take they work with them and often travel the world at the same time, working online on different freelance jobs. The essay should emphasize the topic in a new way, new perspective, with current data through 3 segments:

  • Current facts, statistics and theoretical part considering this topic
  • The position of Digital Nomads in the corporate world of today
  • Prognosis for the future – how will digital nomads develop their position?

The essay should contain a minimum of 1000 words and must be formatted in Times New Roman, size 12. Send the essay in.doc or .pdf file to the email with the subject: Digital Nomads Scholarship Essay Submission, your name, and surname.


Please apply for the scholarship and submit your essay until November 1st, no later than 12 pm. The winner will be announced on November 10th and the main prize in the amount of 1500$ will be transferred to the candidate’s account.

All essays that we receive are eligible to be published on our website. The application for our scholarship is free of charge. We are providing high personal data protection and will not share personal contact info with third parties.

We are expecting your essays!