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Way back in the day one of the leading SEO techniques was repeating your keyword over and over again. Place a few bold search terms and your site would get ranked.

Technology and advancements in search engine ranking algorithms have really come a long way since those days.

With over 100,000 patents, Google is without a doubt the market leader by a large margin when it comes to online search.

All of the services we perform for local Atlanta businesses are white hat, ethical, and most importantly, follow Google’s guidelines where search engine optimization is concerned.

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We work with local area businesses in Atlanta as well as franchises (enterprises) and multinational corporations in developing their brand and online presence. We realize that cost is an important factor in the decision-making process when selecting which provider you work with to increase your digital traffic and boost sales.

Bobs SEO takes pride in the fact that we are competent enough to deliver results that exceed most bigger agencies but at a much lower cost. This is what gives our clients such a spectacular ROI.

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If you own a website, then you probably know the value of organic traffic to gain an edge.

You can have fantastic website on the Web, filled with information and services for potential customers, but what happens if people don’t even know it exists?

The way to get quality, potential customers to your website is to position it on the first page of Google. The higher up in the search results, the better. To make that happen, you need Atlanta search engine optimization, plain and simple.

We will get your website and brand the recognition and traffic it deserves. Enjoy life again without worry knowing you are ranking above your Atlanta, GA area competition and getting more calls and leads than you ever thought possible.

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You need a capable, proven SEO professional to tweak and configure your website so that it will rank high in search engine results (SERPs). This is what gives your Atlanta business more sales and profits.

It is a sinking feeling when your gorgeous website can’t move up past the 3rd or 4th page and yet, your competition has a hideous, inferior mess of a site grabbing the majority of the visitors because it’s ranking on page one.

Fortunately for you, I am here to assist. Bobs SEO will get your brand and website ranking above your competitors so that you will be the market leader in your industry and dominate your relevant, local searches in Atlanta.

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Thanks to Bobs SEO, we’ve significantly enhanced our online presence and authority. Our transformation from a modest existence to a major player in the field is largely attributed to Bob’s exceptional work. Search engines now favor us, marking a remarkable achievement for our brand. Bob, our SEO guru, has truly elevated our standing in the digital landscape.

Scott T.

VP of Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee a #1 ranking on Google?

No honest SEO consultant can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google due to the ever-changing algorithms and tough competition.

However, we use best methodologies to radically boost your rankings and digital profile. I do guarantee first page rankings for my clients with a money-back guarantee though. Contact me to learn more.

How much do SEO services in Atlanta cost?

What’s the difference between on-page and off-page SEO?

How do you measure the success of your SEO efforts?

How often do you provide reports and updates?

What is local SEO, and how is it different?

Do you follow Google Webmaster Guidelines?

What kind of content strategies do you use?

How do you handle changes in Google algorithm?

What to look for in a Atlanta SEO Consultant

When it comes to finding an SEO expert in Atlanta, GA, it’s important to choose someone who has the skills, knowledge, and experience to help your business succeed in the competitive online landscape. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. However, there are a few key factors to consider when selecting an SEO expert in Atlanta.

First and foremost, it’s essential to find an SEO expert who has a proven track record of success. Look for someone who has a portfolio of past clients and case studies that demonstrate their ability to generate results. Additionally, check for client testimonials and reviews to get a sense of the expert’s reputation and the quality of their work. A reputable SEO expert should be transparent about their past successes and willing to provide references upon request.

Next, consider the specific services and expertise that the SEO expert offers. Search engine optimization is a broad field, and different experts may specialize in different areas, such as local SEO, technical SEO, content marketing, or link building. Depending on your business’s needs, you may want to find an SEO expert who has experience in the areas that are most relevant to your goals and target audience. Additionally, look for an expert who stays up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in SEO, as the industry is constantly evolving.

Another important consideration is the level of communication and collaboration that the SEO expert offers. A good SEO expert should be able to clearly communicate their strategies and recommendations, as well as the reasoning behind them. They should also be receptive to feedback and willing to work closely with you to achieve your business’s goals. Look for an SEO expert who is responsive and accessible, and who takes the time to understand your business and its unique needs.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the level of transparency and integrity that the SEO expert demonstrates. Avoid any experts who make unrealistic promises or guarantees, as SEO is a complex and unpredictable process that cannot be guaranteed. Instead, look for an expert who is honest and upfront about what they can realistically achieve, and who provides clear and transparent reporting on their results. Additionally, beware of any expert who uses unethical or black-hat SEO tactics, as these can result in penalties from search engines and damage to your business’s reputation.

Finally, consider the cost and value of the SEO expert’s services. While it’s important to find an expert who fits within your budget, it’s also important to consider the value that they provide. A low-cost SEO expert may not necessarily offer the level of expertise and results that you need, while a high-cost expert may not always be the best investment. Look for an SEO expert who offers a fair and competitive price for their services, and who can demonstrate the return on investment that they can deliver for your business.

In conclusion, choosing an SEO expert in Atlanta, GA requires careful consideration of their track record, expertise, communication, transparency, and value. By taking the time to research and evaluate your options, you can find an SEO expert who can help your business improve its online visibility and achieve its goals.

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