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Kim Heechul and Seo Janghoon

I actually like Heechul and Janghoon’s marriage, they seem pretty close😊. It really is also terrific seeing Janghoon so amused with Heechul😄. I know they have a minute in the new episode, but this detail is presently 10 minutes extended. I will almost certainly just make an additional 1 someday just as perfectly as him and Ssamja cause all of Heechul’s ships retains on sailing every single episode lol😅😂😂
(I also recall that you can find a thread at OneHallyu of Heechul with more mature adult males lol😂 it really is glorious😂😂)

(And I seriously want to edit the Soogeun vid😂😅😅)
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Knowing Bros
Being aware of Brothers

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